The Hoosat Network

a new blockchain project built on a powerful foundation: the Kaspa blockchain with its innovative GhostDAG protocol.

GhostDAG protocol / ASIC resistant

Accelerated transactions

via "Greedy Heaviest Observed Sub-Tree Directed Acyclic Graph", Hoosat Network allows for much faster transactions through asynchryonous processing.

Hoosat Network Logo

Faster. Scaleable. Decentralized.

Hoosat Network tackles the blockchain trilemma by utilizing advanced technology for higher throughput, security, and decentralization.

Optimized for scale

Scaling doesn't have to compromise security or decentralization when utilizing next generation technology like GhostDAG, Blake3, or Pyrinhash.

Highly accessible

ASIC resistance reduces the advantage of inaccessible and specialized hardware, leveling the playing field for more broadly available devices such as GPUs. This increases participants, reducing the concentration of mining power to a few.

Censorship resistance

Utilizing proof-of-work, the network cannot be stopped. It is operated by the people.

More than just a network.

It's the people's network with fair principles of crypto. Fair tokenomics. Fair distribution. Be your own bank.

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The user first platform

Thriving ecosystem

Hoosat Network comes with everything you need traverse the crypto world.

Why Hoosat Network?

Blockchain technology cost millions in research and development. We take the latest and greatest tech and give it to the people.

Proof of Work

Miners / Validators

Proof of stake centralized network authority to the biggest pockets. Proof of work is all about reducing the consolidation of power.

Improved tokenomics

We've adjusted the distribution to promote fair, sustained growth to provide longevity for the network.

ASIC resistance

Our blockchain utilizes memory hardness to remove ASIC competitive advantage. This promotes more general purpose devices such as CPU/GPU hardware.



Unlike other blockchains that use a simple linked list, we manage increased throughput by utilizing an advanced Directed Acyclic Graph.

Blake3 algorithm

This allows us to increase cryptographic hashing speeds and increased security when compared to blockchains utilizing sha256.


Designed to be energy-efficient and core-dominant, allowing for successful mining with GPUs, FPGAs, and potentially specialized mining equipment in the future. The kHeavyHash algorithm utilizes matrix multiplication framed into two keccaks, making it distinct in its operation.


Kaspa Fork

Utilizing revolutionary technology that has been tried and tested. Kaspa takes proof-of-work to a whole new level.

Community Driven

Launched with first principles and a community-centric ethos. By the people. For the people.

Brand New

Freshly launched blockchain gives everyone a fair chance to mine HTN with your own CPU/GPU. You can even join a pool if you want as the network is global.

Ensuring that the network operates without a central authority, promoting transparency and censorship resistance. Decentralization involves distributing control among numerous nodes, enhancing security and resilience against attacks or failures.
The people's blockchain

Take control of your crypto

The world keeps spinning. Blockchains keep hashing. Networks don't wait.