Roadmap of Hoosat Network.

Roadmap Q2 2024

Roadmap Q2 2024

The second quarter of 2024 is about getting testnet up for checking algorithm options and for other development.

The second quarter of 2024 also means that development of Hoosat Network related projects start.

This quarter will include development of Wallet address translation layer to make simpler to send HTN between people. As such we will also start graphical wallet development for web, mobile and desktop. We will also start research on how to implement smart contracts to Hoosat Network.

  • Generate testnet genesis block. ✅
  • Launch testnet. ✅
  • Create a github for translation layer backend. ✅
  • Decide the database for translation layer. ✅
  • Create a guide for testnet feedback. ☑️
  • Write the code for translation layer. ☑️
  • Integrate translation layer to web wallet. ☑️
  • Create a github for mobile wallet. ☑️
  • Create a github for desktop wallet. ☑️
  • Start development of mobile wallet. ☑️
  • Start development of desktop wallet. ☑️
  • Launch mobile wallet on testnet. ☑️
  • Launch desktop wallet on testnet. ☑️
  • Launch translation layer, mobile and desktop wallet on mainnet ☑️
  • Work on Q3 roadmap for 2024. ✅

Expansion of exchange and pool availability is always in our minds.

✅ We are thinking Q3 to be about development of market place for spending and earning HTN. This would allow selling digital and physical items around the world. The only currency used would be HTN. Though this is what we are thinking. The plan will solidify by the end of Q2.

Roadmap Q1 2024

Roadmap Q1 2024

The first quarter of 2024 is only about launching the network.

  • Generate Genesis block. ✅
  • Write the whitepaper. ✅
  • Launch announcement!. ✅
  • Create Logo. ✅
  • Create Discord server. ✅
  • Create website landing page. ✅
  • Create Social Media accounts. ✅
  • Create Stratum bridge. ✅
  • Publish whitepaper. ✅
  • Do the premine. ✅
  • Launch DNS Seeder. ✅
  • Launch Rest API. ✅
  • Launch Explorer. ✅
  • Launch Web Wallet. ✅
  • Write tutorial mining with node. ✅
  • Write tutorial for mining with stratum-bridge. ✅
  • Create a Zealy community competition. ✅
  • Work on Q2 and other roadmaps for 2024. ✅

Q1 roadmap completed.

Mainnet Launch

Mainnet Launch

Welcome to Hoosat Network. This has been hard launch and hurried one. I am really pleased how many of you have joined to the community. Thank you everyone, I hope Hoosat Network will please you and I will be working on the cryptocurrency.

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