How to Pool Mine HTN Using Hive OS

Setting up your wallet

For these steps you will need to make sure you have Hive installed on your mining rigs. If you are not familiar with Hive OS, head over to the Hive OS website and follow their tutorial. There are also plenty of videos online showing you how to set it all up and add GPUs and so on and so fourth. You will also need a Hoosat Wallet Address. If you do not have one yet, follow this guide.

Once you have HiveOs installed and all of your GPUs setup, select the worker you wish to attach the flight sheet to and complete the following steps:

  1. Head over to Create wallet in Hive OS.
  2. Enter Coin name (it should pop up when typing HTN).
  3. Enter your Hoosat wallet address and name the wallet if you wish to.
  4. Click on the Create button.
An illustration creating a wallet in Hive OS.

You have now just successfully added your hoosat wallet address to Hive.

Creating a flight sheet

Now that you have successfully added your hoosat wallet to Hive, we can now create a flight sheet.

  1. Click on the tab (Flight Sheets)
  2. Click the coin tab and select HTN
  3. Click Wallet tab and choose the wallet you created
  4. Click pool tab and select your desired pool and server (I will be using mining4people for this tutorial)
  5. Click miner and select a compatible miner (I will be using Rigel miner for this tutorial)
  6. Click create flight sheet

You have now just successfully created a flight sheet to mine HTN. Head back over to your worker, click flight sheet, click The Rocket to start the flight sheet.

Congratulations you should now be mining HTN at the pool of your choice. You can head over to the pool you chose and input your wallet address to see the stats of your worker, please be aware that it can take up to 5 minutes to see your worker in the pool.

An illustration of the add a new flight window for HiveOS

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